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“Is My Relationship Even Worth Saving?”
Your well-meaning friends and family try to give you help with your relationship problems but they don’t really understand how you feel, let alone how to really fix your relationship.

How much more of the heartbreak can you handle? I know that you’ve been trying everything you can think of, but things never get any better. Are you going to be plagued with relationship problems for the rest of your life?

The statistics show that nearly 3,000 Marriages and nearly 15,000 Non-Married Partners WILL end their Relationships…
– Not This Year – – Not This Month – – Not Even This Week — But –
* * TODAY * *
Mostly because they wouldn’t seek help or they couldn’t get the right help.
Believe me, I know exactly how it feels. I used to cry myself to sleep at night worrying whether my husband and I were going to stay together for even one more day.

We used to be best friends… I just didn’t know what happened. I couldn’t figure out how things had gotten so bad in my marriage.

I know how close Jack and I were in the beginning. We wanted to spend every minute together. We just couldn’t get enough of each other. Each of us knew in our heart that we had a really great relationship, one that was made in heaven and that the two of us were destined to be with each other. We felt that if we loved each other, that’s all we’d ever needed.

I guess in a perfect world, love might be all you need. What a rude awakening I had when I discovered that we aren’t living in a perfect world.

I’m sure you know that when your relationship starts to slide downhill, you’re in a race against time. You also know that if you don’t do something right away, you may not be able to save your relationship or marriage at all .

You don’t want to loose the one person that your whole life once revolved around.

Somehow it just creeps up on you. You end up with so many problems in your relationship that you can hardly speak to each other any more and when you do it isn’t pleasant.

You just want a little peace and happiness in your life. Is that too much to ask for?

In my case, I was 9 years and 5 children into my marriage. Things had gotten so bad that I was just ready to throw my hands up and call it quits. Was I going to be able to save my relationship?

By the way my name is Marion Hails.
I’m sorry that we didn’t meet under better circumstances but being that you are here, let me share a little of my story with you and what I found that made things better for my relationship.

Well meaning friends and family… Yep, I remember tuning to friends and family looking for advice trying to get help to save my marriage. What a joke that was, they just kept telling me to dump him.

I didn’t want to dump him. I wanted to fix the problems and reclaim those loving feelings that we had for each other in the beginning back again.

And turning to chat rooms and discussion forums looking for someone to help. I found people giving you advice who needed relationship help and advice as badly, if not worse than you do. They give you some advice and then proceed to tell you about how bad their relationship is and about their past breakups. I found that most are just looking for a shoulder to cry on. They really don’t have a clue what to do. I found some who just thrive on the sympathy.They almost always encourage you to “throw the bum out”. That’s not what I was looking for. I needed real help!

I wanted my old relationship back. You know, the one you have in the beginning. The one where you’re so in love that you can’t stand to spend even a single minute apart from each other.
In my desperation, I tried doing all of the usual things!

I tried talking to my husband, but I always ended up attacking him.
I yelled and screamed at him.
I tried crying and whining.
I even tried ignoring him.
I gave him ultimatums.
I tried leaving him – a couple of times.
Something I will always regret, I turned to the arms of another man!
I can think back through the years at all of the time and money I wasted trying to get expert relationship advice from marriage counselors, psychiatrists and psychologists. Only to find that things never got any better. I didn’t get any real help for my relationship at all.

I read every relationship book I could get my hands on. Although I did get some great information, they usually left me with more questions than answers .

Like the book that talks about men and women being from different planets, you know the one. I already knew that men and women were different and think differently about things and like most, found the book entertaining and enlightening. But didn’t get any real help.

But what really ticked me off about this book was the author. A so called, relationship expert that was divorced from another – so called, relationship expert. That’s not all, he couldn’t even hold his second marriage together. What a joke!

I think that half these guys get into the business because they went through so many problems in their own relationships that they think they’ve got it all figured out now, but they don’t!

So I ask you this! How on earth, can you get relationship help from someone who hasn’t even been able to conquer their own relationship problems .
I think you’d agree that you would get better relationship advice from someone who’s been in your situation and figured out the solution than someone who really doesn’t know what you’re going through.

Personally, I think that my relationship is important enough that I would like the person who I’m going to take advice from to have “walked a mile in my shoes”.

Doesn’t it make sense that only if they’ve successfully worked out their own relationship problems that they would be qualified to offer any real help. These are the third class of relationship experts.

Like I said, I know exactly how you feel! I felt the same way too, and then I found something that turned my marriage around, something that I want to share with you .

One morning, a friend asked me to go with her to a relationship seminar. I thought to myself:

” Not another seminar, I’ve heard and tried it all “.
But I told her that I would go and support her. Little did I know that it was that day that would change my life forever! To my surprise, I heard things there that I hadn’t heard from any one else before. It started to make sense that I was having marital problems.

Why wasn’t I ever taught these things before? Why hasn’t everybody been taught these things?

Well, to make a long story short, I applied just a couple of the things that I learned that day. Before I knew it, Jack was making more time for the children and me.

It seemed like it was almost overnight because after only a couple of weeks things started to change.

I couldn’t believe it! One step away from a divorce and we were able to pull our marriage from the brink of disaster.

Jack and I have been through some very rough times and we’ve weathered many storms together. We’ve weathered them because of the things we’re going to share with you here.

Here are just a few of the things I want to pass along to you:
I’m going to give you three keys that will change your relationship forever.
One simple question that can get your partner to open up to you over and over again.
You’re going to discover how to find the real issues behind why you’re struggling with your relationship.
Secrets behind getting the correct responses from your partner.
Learning the most effective relationship communication techniques.
Discover the biggest reason behind why each of you react the way you do to each other.
The best proven method to get yourself clear of all your tag-along issues.
How to get your partner to work on your relationship with you without them even knowing that they are.
I will show you how to overcome each problem so you can finally put your arguments behind you.
How would your life change if your partner
fully embraced your relationship again?
Can you imagine them opening up and sharing their most intimate thoughts with you?

You’ll recapture the simple pleasure of knowing they are telling you the truth
– – about everything – -.

Imagine having a peaceful and loving home where you are welcomed with a hug and a kiss everyday!

Your relationship commitment level will increase a hundred fold!

You’ll be able to reach out and take your best friends hand again knowing you’re in this together.

You’ll be able to go to sleep at night knowing with full confidence that your relationship will be better tomorrow than it was today.

Do you remember what it felt like to trust your partner? You can put all of the suspicions behind you and be together in a truly loving and trusting relationship?

You’ll make wonderful passionate love again. You know it’s always better when you have that emotional connection. It can be better than it ever was.

All of this and more happened for us when we started using the relationship saving secrets we’re going to share with you here!

You don’t have to take my word for it, here’s what others are saying:
Here’s part of what Mandy from Texas wrote:
Once I understood what was really going on, we were able to stop all the nonsense now I’m confident that J___ is where he says he is. Now he even calls me throughout the day just to say hi!
This is what Steve from Alabama wrote:
Marion, once I finally got it, it made all the difference in the world. She started asking me to meet her, and wanted me to stay the night. It was like night and day. I just can’t thank you enough because I know exactly what she needs from me now!
Read what Paula from the U. K. had to say.:
What you were telling me sounded too good to be true. But you helped me to understand what was really important to me and what was important to my boyfriend. Things are getting better now. I’ve gotten calmer because he’s paying more attention to me.
Hi, Jack Hails here,

Marion and I want you to experience the same happiness that we now do in our relationship. That’s why we’ve created this web page.

I’m sure you would agree that it’s about time you got some happiness back into your relationship and back into your life, right!.

So too, you should agree that getting the right advice for solving your relationship problems is extremely important.

I just want to start out by saying that Marion and I have experienced just about every kind of relationship problem that you can imagine. Chances are pretty good that we’ve gone through what you’re going through right now .

I’m proud of Marion’s accomplishments and the impact that she’s had, not only on our relationship but on countless others as well. It’s been an incredible journey for the both of us.

I would like to fill in a little more of our story that she doesn’t often talk about but that I think you should know.

After our experience, it didn’t take me long to discover that Marion was very good at being able to see what people needed to fix their relationship.

That’s why she became a relationship coach and certified facilitator. She took the schooling she needed here in the eastern United States and finished her training on the West Coast, in California.

I’m sure that it’s because she’s so passionate about what she was learning that she ended up at the top of her class.

After all, she was experiencing the results of what she was learning first hand. The more she learned, the more excited she grew and the better our relationship became.

At her graduation, she was offered an internship at her instructor’s practice. When that was completed in 1993, she opened her own facility called “Choices”.

By combining the best of several different schools of thought about what relationships really need and drawing on her own experience, Marion developed better techniques and tools for identifying relationship problems. She also developed better techniques and tools for people to use in their own relationship.

In a very short time she had become highly praised by leaders in the industry and was getting referrals from all over the east coast because she was able to offer expert relationship advice with pinpoint accuracy.

My experience in all of this was an exciting one. After feeling that we had failed at our marriage and then having it all turned around… Well, I just couldn’t be happier.

This had such a positive impact on me that I decided to take the same training that Marion did. I then closed my computer business, and joined her in helping others to rebuild their relationships and their lives.

One of our greatest joys is conducting workshops. Marion has developed a great track record of successfully helping people to rebuild their self-worth.

She’s taken all of her experience, knowledge and understanding of what people need in a relationship and how to get it, and packaged it into her workshops.

Now, you too can experience the full power of this incredible Workshop in the privacy of your own home, as so many others have done.

Because we’ve seen so many people suffering through their relationships, we’ve created an on-line version of our relationship workshop.

This incredibly powerful, Internet version of our Relationship Workshop is designed to help you quickly move your relationship out of the red zone.

Believe me, what we have to share with you really works. We’ve seen it work over and over again in relationship after relationship. And we’ve used it to survive, revive and enhance our own relationship .

Here is just a sample of some of the things you’ll learn when you enroll in this powerful workshop.
I’m sure you would agree that the most important things to know before anyone can give you any kind of relationship advice is where you stand in your relationship . We are going to help you to evaluate where you stand, given your relationship dynamic

You are going to learn how you can determine where the strengths and weaknesses are in your relationship and how to turn disadvantages into advantages .

You’ll learn the secret of how to creating a deeper and more meaningful bond of love between you and your partner.

No workshop would be complete without teaching you how to effectively communicate with each another. You will learn to communicate with your partner so that they finally hear and understand you and what you have to say .

You’ll be able to get your partner to open up to you and know what’s really on their mind . Even if your partner is normally quiet and doesn’t like to talk about their feelings.

And the arguing! Well arguments may never go away completely, but you’ll learn to settle your disagreements in a civilized manner . You and your partner will learn to settle things in a way that works .

You’ll learn what it takes to stop all of the backbiting on both sides and stop saying things that you don’t really mean. Things that leave permanent scars on each other.

Knowledge is power. You’ll learn things about yourself and about your partner that you never knew before. Things that will finally let you take back your power .

You will learn how and why your differences are causing problems and how to overcome them. This one thing alone will give you what you need in order to pull your Relationship out of the flames of destruction!

You’ll discover the secrets to building a solid foundation for a loving, passionate, peaceful, lasting and loving relationship . One that you and your partner can count on. You might be surprised how easy it really is.
Winning Relationship Action Plan Workshop
We call this on-line version of our workshop the Winning Relationship Action Plan or WRAP eWorkshop™. This workshop is filled with the same Fantastic Relationship-Saving Secrets we use in our relationship and that Marion’s been using to help people just like you to reclaim their lives.

By the end of the WRAP workshop, you’ll have everything you need to pull it all together, get going in the right direction and to create a lasting and happy relationship.

When You take what you’ll learn and apply it in your relationship, you’ll not only understand what the underlying problems are but you’ll have everything you need to put your relationship back on the road to recovery very quickly . In fact, in as little as 2 short weeks .

From then on, you’ll be able to build it into something more wonderful than you can imagine.

You’ll get the benefit of not making all the same mistakes that we’ve made over the years and that hundreds of thousands of relationships are going through right now.

When you commit to saving your relationship: you’ll receive your copy of the workbook entitled, “Winning Relationships – Peace Without Surrender”. This easy to follow workbook will give you everything you need to start repairing your relationship right away.

As a stand alone, this workbook is fantastic.

Get ready for the best part.
We don’t want you to do this all alone . Every relationship dynamic is different and unique. Each has it’s own set of circumstances that needs to be dealt with separately. That’s why Marion and I have decided that along with the workbook, we’re going to include 30 days of coaching and personal correspondence with Marion and I, designed to help you every step of the way.

Yes, you’ll get the perfect relationship advice, help and the personal attention you’ve been looking for.
You’ll be taken step by step through the WRAP eWorkshop™. Day after day, you’ll receive coaching from Marion. The workshop is designed to give you the tools you need to solve all your relationship problems.

You’ll have – DAILY ACCESS – to Marion or me over the course of the workshop. We’ll be here to give you the personal relationship help you need.
You don’t have to be alone in this. You don’t have to struggle through it by yourself. You can correspond with Marion and me any time you want or need to, during the course of this workshop.

We understand what you’re going through. After all, we’ve been there too! That’s why we’ll be there for you.

Others have told us that this feature alone is absolutely PRICELESS!

Here are the Enormous Benefits to the WRAP on-line Workshop:
You don’t have to drag your partner to a workshop.(This workshop was created for one partner to take)

No travel time or expense. No driving or flying to a workshop facility.

No costly hotel, motel or restaurant bills.

No airing your dirty laundry in front of strangers.

You have access to the instructor for longer than 1 or 2 days.

So affordable, anyone can take it.

You receive more personal attention.

You get to work with your real live relationship issues and situations.

You can go back over the information as many times as you would like to at any time you wish to.

As you are going through this, your partner doesn’t even have to know that they’re participating .

Most important of all — It works! .
Thousands of individuals and couples have benefited
from the information found in this Workshop.
Families, who’ve had major troubles for years, came back to life. Couples that had already filed for divorce reunited their efforts and got back together. Years later, they’re happier than they’ve ever been.

Couples that had become distant developed new bonds and rekindled their love. Unmarried couples, jump started their relationship again.

Again, you don’t have to take my word for it:

Read what Heather from Australia had to say.
You were so right. The workshop was just what I needed to evaluate my relationship. I couldn’t believe that I was letting my boyfriend treat me the way he was. You gave me back my life.
This is what Bruce from California said.
Marion, Your workshop helped me to really examine my marriage with a new set of eyes. Things have gotten better and we are both looking at a brighter future together .
Read this comment from Lina of France.
It was on the first day of the workshop that I realized that this was something special. I appreciate the concern that you showed me every day. You have helped me more than you will ever know.
This is what Bishop from Canada had to say.
You made this really simple for me and my wife. We each went through the workshop step by step and it helped us identify each problem. I really liked how easy you made everything for us. I don’t know what we would have done without you. Great Workshop.

Sound too good to be true?
I’d be lying to you if I said that every relationship can be saved. Some relationships are just too far gone.

Knowledge is Power
This workshop will fill in the missing pieces for you and help you to take back your power and get rid of those feelings of hopelessness.

Who knows! Maybe someday you’ll write a book entitled “How I took my relationship from failure to success in just 14 days”.
After all, why shouldn’t you have the chance to be in the relationship of your dreams?

If you knew that the answers to your questions and the expert relationship advice you were looking for was in this workshop you’d get it in a minute. Wouldn’t you !

I’m telling you that it’s all in there. Between the workshop and the personal relationship advice you’ll get from Marion, you’ll be given everything you need to have a happier and healthier relationship.

Just take a look at the incredible value you’ll receive with your powerful workshop. login
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